Riri in the mirror

 Sunday morning

 Riri in the mirror


It happened a couple of days ago. When I got up, the clock beside my bed said 7:53. That’s seven lousy minutes before my favorite Sunday morning TV show begins. I rushed downstairs in my pajamas. Everyone was still log asleep and the house was awfully quiet.

After using the rest room, I washed my face to wash away the sleep and did what everyone does; I looked into the mirror. And…oh no! I can’t believe I’m about to write this. Anyway, after a quick wash of my face, wiped it with a towel and took a quick look into the mirror. I wasn’t there! That’s right. I didn’t see myself in the mirror! I must be dreaming…  I said to myself. I wasn’t dreaming. I was wide awake standing in front of the bathroom mirror. I wiped the foggy stuff off the mirror, touched the sink, the faucet…everything was real. I waved my hands, made a face, shook my head… There was no girl waving back to me or imitating my moves in the mirror. Confused, I looked around the room. I wanted to scream but I didn’t want to alarm the family.


lousy ひどい、質の悪い

log asleep 死んだように眠って

wide awake すっかり目が覚めて

foggy 霧がかかった、くもった

imitate …をまねる

confused 混乱して、うろたえて

alarm …を警戒させる、はっとさせる