Tim’s Blog – 4+1

From this month with the introduction of our new TOEIC classes and revamped Yoga schedule, along with the pre-existing grammar, business, easy talk and essential review classes started last year we are adopting a new price system for those of you who are interested in more than just your usual four times to allow you to utilize our services more fully.

Basically with this system you can come 5 times per month but the way we envisioned it was that since the most of our students seem to come once per week to our weekly themed flashcard lessons, by offering an extra class per month, our students can take these 4 lessons + 1 more class of their liking.

You can choose from our:

Level 1 – 3 classes: Pre-studied, structured, themed classes designed by the teachers to be practical, informative, and fun. 3 levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to upper intermediate – advanced.
レベル1〜 3の各クラス:予習あり・きっちりした構成・テーマありのクラスです。実用的な表現や役立つ情報を扱い、楽しいレッスンになるように、講師がレッスンプランを作成しています。3つのレベルは難易度に応じ、初級から中級の上〜上級まであります。

Discussion Classes: For our most advanced students, the discussion classes consist of pair and group conversation over a variety of subjects.

Grammar: Beginner-lower intermediate level grammar classes for those of you who would like to brush up on the basics.

Business English: Business English classes at lower intermediate level perfect for anyone who uses English on a daily basis at work or is hoping to further their career overseas in the future. We also offer lower intermediate and upper intermediate classes in Yakuin.

TOEIC: Teaches techniques on how to pass the TOEIC test and also expands your general English ability, ideal for anyone who needs TOEIC for work or simply wants to up their skill level. Beginner and Intermediate to Advanced lessons available.

Essential review: Conversation based pre-study class reviewing the most essential topics from previous lessons.

Easy talk:  Basic conversation. Free talk. Beginner – lower intermediate level. The focus of the free talk class is to be able to do small talk with a variety of people. Introductions, greetings, talking about our recent doings and our work.

English Yoga: Yoga in English, a perfect opportunity to relax, stretch your mind and body. Since it’s in English, a perfect opportunity to hone up your English listening skill too.

With the new 4+1 system you have the flexibility to choose whichever classes you may want to take. For example for our beginner and lower intermediate students who would like to emphasize on speaking we would recommend 4 level 1 classes + 1 easy talk class or 4 level 1 classes + 1 essential review class.

Keep in mind that you can use the 4+1 classes in any way you would like. If you wonder about the best combination please ask our staff or teachers for the recommended combination of classes. To that respect you could also utilize our free level check and counselling services to receive our suggestion on what we think the best program for you is.

The price for the +1 class is just 1500yen added on your monthly fee. For example with our current campaign of 8000/month the price for 4+1 would be 8000+1500=9500yen/month.

Please keep in mind that for our students that would like more than one extra class per month, you can buy our very reasonably priced tickets too.  And of course, as always, if you have any questions please refer to our staff or teachers. See you in class!