Jaimie’s blog Level 2 British slang

Jaimie’s blog Level 2 British slang

2 weeks later my lesson will be about the fantastic country of Britain!
After we finish the lesson I’m sure you will all be so excited to visit that beautiful island so here are a few British terms that you don’t really learn in class.

First of all money.  Usually we call our money pounds but pounds are also called quid. We also sometimes call money dough.
Example: I need to go the bank, I only have a few quid left./ I don’t have much dough.

Skint.   This means I have no money.
Example:  I can’t go out this weekend I’m skint.
Loaded: This means you have a lot of money.
Example: That guy must be loaded, he has a Ferrari and  Lamborghini.

Next let’s talk about food. There are many different ways to say food in the U.K; here are a few.

nosh, grub, scran,
Example:  I’m starving let’s get some scran.

We also have some slang words for food that you may not have heard of.
sausages- bangers
potatoes- spuds
French fries- chips
sandwich – butty
potato chips- crisps

We have a few pretty cool expressions to express emotions

To show surprise.   Cor Blimey!  /    Stone the crows!
To show you are pleased.  Chuffed.
To say you are not happy about something or in a bad mood.  Cheesed off.
To show major disappointment.    Gutted
Drunk!       Plastered!

There are plenty to remember there I’d be well chuffed if someone tried them out in my next lesson so good luck.
 Hope to see you all at the party.( I’ll try not to get plastered!)