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皆様こんにちは。10月6日(火)のレッスンで扱う重要語句と、単語カードをアップロードしています。HP一番右上のtumblrアイコン、またはこちらをクリック・タップして、しっかり予習して下さいね!空席の確認など、どうぞお気軽にご連絡下さい。皆様にお会いするのを楽しみにしております。 ケンジントン・スタッフ一同

At the Movies

Saturday afternoon

At the Movies

Dad took us to the mall this afternoon after lunch. I think it was because my mom was unhappy about something. Have no idea what that something was. She said so little during lunch and I noticed, she was avoiding eye contact with dad. For mom, saying little and avoiding eye contact are two major signs that she’s not exactly on cloud nine. Dad wanted to cheer her up pulling one of his tricks; a trip to the mall.

Mom likes going to the mall probably more than anybody in the family. When she was a kid I guess she’d want to go there every single day.

The afternoon was smiling in bright sunshine and fluffs of white clouds swam here and there in the blue sky above the town. The roads leading to the mall were all clogged up with traffic and we drove all the way to the top floor of the parking garage to find a parking spot. People have a terrible habit of rushing to the same place at the same time.

When we got to the mall, dad asked if anyone wanted to watch a movie. “Yeah!!” We all screamed in unison. Another trick hit the bull’s eye. Dad’s a genius!

avoid …を避ける

on cloud nine とても幸せな、至福で

clogged up 塞がった

have a terrible habit of ひどい…の癖がある、…するひどい習性がある

in unison 声を揃えて


皆様こんにちは。10月3日(土)4日(日)のレッスンで扱う重要語句と、単語カードをアップロードしています。HP一番右上のtumblrアイコン、またはこちらをクリック・タップして、しっかり予習して下さいね!空席の確認など、どうぞお気軽にご連絡下さい。皆様にお会いするのを楽しみにしております。 ケンジントン・スタッフ一同


皆様こんにちは。10月2日(金)のレッスンで扱う重要語句と、単語カードをアップロードしています。HP一番右上のtumblrアイコン、またはこちらをクリック・タップして、しっかり予習して下さいね!空席の確認など、どうぞお気軽にご連絡下さい。皆様にお会いするのを楽しみにしております。 ケンジントン・スタッフ一同

ビジネス英会話でよく使う表現 No.7


ビジネス英会話でよく使う表現 No.7

Idioms can be very difficult for non-native speakers of English to follow but they are very frequently found in the business world. Following you will find some very usual expressions that are used regularly by businessmen and in business publications around the world.


bring (something) to the table

– contribute something of value to a discussion, project,

Jane brings a lot of skills to the table but she also has very serious character flaws.


– 話し合いや企画に有用なことをもたらす


in the long run

– over a long period of time

The company has been losing money recently but in the long run they should be able to make a profit.


– 長期にわたっては


line of products

– A group of related products manufactured by a single company.

Apple will introduce their brand new line of products in Grand Hyatt hotel in Fukuoka!!


– 1つの会社によって製造された、一連の商品群


put (something) on hold

– to postpone a project

We decided to put the construction of a Twin Tower replica called “The Windsor Towers” in Yakuin on hold after a key investor withdrew.


– 計画を延期すること


run an ad

– to broadcast / publicise an advertisement

Fukuoka bank stopped running the ads after a series of complaints.


– 広告を放送・宣伝すること


新学期 – 学校関連のフレーズ・慣用句


Jaimie’s Blog – Back to school

新学期 – 学校関連のフレーズ・慣用句

September is here and for some of us it means it’s time to go back to school after the holidays.

There are quite a few differences between the systems in Japan and the U.K, one is that where I’m from, Scotland ,we don’t have junior high, so we start high school at 12 (an absolutely petrifying experience if I remember correctly) We also begin primary school at 5 and school starts in September not Spring.

Some of the classes are different too, we have to take religious education for at least 2 years, where we study about other religions and the effect they have on other cultures. French and German are compulsory for 2 years and after that you can drop one or continue both but you must continue a foreign language for at least 4 years. I think British kids start French at the age of 10 now actually.

We take GCSE exams at 16 in all subjects and after that we drop some of the subjects that aren’t necessary for entering the university we are thinking of and concentrate on some core subjects related to the field we would like to study in our higher education. We don’t really have a university entrance exam as such, your school grades are the basis for the uni you enter. Nobody goes to cram school, in fact I’ve never heard of one near where I used to live.

There are very few private schools, the majority of people, around 90 percent ,go to public schools and almost all schools are co-ed.

Lots of schools don’t have a uniform.

The canteen food was bad.

Anyway, since it’s back to school for some of you here are few phrases or idioms related to schools.

school on (to teach, instruct, lecture someone on a subject)
〜を学校する (教える、指導する、[人]にある科目を教え込む)
The first day at work was pretty boring. They just schooled us on the company’s rules.

cut class (not go to class)
授業を切る (授業をサボる)
I didn’t feel like going to school that day so I cut all my morning classes.

teacher’s pet (someone who does everything to keep the teacher happy)
先生のペット (先生に気に入られることは何でもする人)
I can’t stand that guy! He’s such a teacher’s pet.

flunk (to fail an exam or course)
I’m going to have to tell my parents I flunked maths again.

hit the books (begin to study hard)
本に当たる (猛勉強に取りかかる)
I’m going to have to hit the books early if I don’t want to flunk maths again.

pass with flying colours (to pass with a good score)
はためく旗とともに通過する (好成績で合格する)
His parents are over the moon because he passed all his exams with flying colours.

Hope you find those useful.

See you at the next class.



皆様こんにちは。9月30日(水)のレッスンで扱う重要語句と、単語カードをアップロードしています。HP一番右上のtumblrアイコン、またはこちらをクリック・タップして、しっかり予習して下さいね!空席の確認など、どうぞお気軽にご連絡下さい。皆様にお会いするのを楽しみにしております。 ケンジントン・スタッフ一同


皆様こんにちは。9月29日(火)のレッスンで扱う重要語句と、単語カードをアップロードしています。HP一番右上のtumblrアイコン、またはこちらをクリック・タップして、しっかり予習して下さいね!空席の確認など、どうぞお気軽にご連絡下さい。皆様にお会いするのを楽しみにしております。 ケンジントン・スタッフ一同


皆様こんにちは。9月26日(土)27日(日)のレッスンで扱う重要語句と、単語カードをアップロードしています。HP一番右上のtumblrアイコン、またはこちらをクリック・タップして、しっかり予習して下さいね!空席の確認など、どうぞお気軽にご連絡下さい。皆様にお会いするのを楽しみにしております。 ケンジントン・スタッフ一同


皆様こんにちは。9月25日(金)のレッスンで扱う重要語句と、単語カードをアップロードしています。HP一番右上のtumblrアイコン、またはこちらをクリック・タップして、しっかり予習して下さいね!空席の確認など、どうぞお気軽にご連絡下さい。皆様にお会いするのを楽しみにしております。 ケンジントン・スタッフ一同