月別アーカイブ: 2014年3月

英語レッスン 動物のイディオムで英会話しよう

Hello beautiful people. Today we have some animal idioms for you. What do you think monkeying around means? Who is the black sheep in your family? What is a wild goose chase? Is it a Haruki Murakami inspired Kafkaesque setting with an omnipotent evil lurking in the shadows or is its meaning far less sinister?

素敵な皆様、こんにちは。今回は動物関係のイディオム(決まり文句)をいくつかご用意しました。“monkeying around”「『猿』し回る」とはどういう意味だと思いますか?あなたの家族の“black sheep”「黒い羊」は誰?“a wild goose chase”「雁の追跡」とは?村上春樹の小説が、暗がりに潜む変幻自在の悪が付き物の、カフカ風場面設定を呼び起こしたということなのか、はたまたそのような薄気味悪い意味など大して込められていないのか?

 there are plenty more fish in the sea. –> there are many other people or possibilities

Ex. “Hiroshi’s girlfriend left him.  I told him to not worry so much. There are plenty more fish in the sea.”



 a fish out of water -> someone who is uncomfortable in a particular situation

Ex. “I met my girlfriends friends last night. I felt like a fish out of water”



 the black sheep  of the family  -> someone who is thought to be a bad person by the rest of their family

Ex. “Uncle James officially became the black sheep  of the family after he was arrested for possession of cocaine.”



 monkey around – > do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly

Ex. “Would you please stop monkeying around? You have to study for your exams at some point.”



 a wild goose chase -> an attempt to accomplish something impossible or unlikely of attainment.

Ex. “Did you buy that CD I asked you to? No. You sent me on a wild goose chase. I must have tried three shops.”



1) Cherry Blossoms – 桜 (英語・日本語訳)

I chose cherry blossoms as the first thing I love about living in Japan as they are in season now and they are truly stunning in their beauty. Are there many things better than siting outdoors in the warm spring weather drinking a brew, having some delicious food and enjoying the company of friends, all under the breath-taking beauty of the cherry blossoms?  Can a setting be any more beautiful? I do not think so. The beginning of spring brings us Japan at its most beautiful.





Opening our own school together is something we have been planning for a long time, but the timing was never quite right.

We first outlined our plan as much as 10 years ago when we met while working for an eikaiwa school in Fukuoka. Even back when we had relatively little teaching experience, we recognized flaws in the way English was being taught and noticed that the systems implemented didn’t provide what we thought was a correct environment for learning.

Through our experiences working together over the past ten years we have come up with what we think everyone should have, an opportunity to learn useful English in an environment that encourages participation and is affordable to all.

We have taken great time and care in designing our lessons to make sure that you walk away after every class feeling satisfied that you have learned something new each time,  and we want to show you that English is not difficult or something to be studied as a science, but rather something to be enjoyed and learned through experiences with others.

It’s been a long time coming but finally our vision has come to life.


The Kensington team