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 Tim’s Roast Chicken for Christmas Recipe


Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and Christmas Day is by far my favourite day. Every Christmas I make my original Roast Chicken (Actually I got it from the web somewhere).


It’s chicken roasted with butter, fresh herbs and potatoes.


1) Peel and chop some lemon zest and garlic.


2) Chop some fresh rosemary and Thyme.


3) Mix the chopped herbs, garlic and zest with butter (in room temperature so as to mix easily) and salt and pepper.


4) Loosen the chicken skin with a spatula. (You have to insert the spatula between the meat and the skin so it becomes loose, but be careful not to break the skin.)


5) Take the mix and insert in under the skin. ( This way, when the skin cooks, the butter, herbs, garlic and citrus will melt in the meat. DELICIOUS!!!!)


6) Insert a lemon (cut in half) herbs, salt and pepper in the chicken cavity and tie its legs.


7) Spice the outside of the chicken. (Make sure you spice every part of it so the skin is delicious too.)


8) Put in preheated oven together with potatoes, crushed garlic and fresh herbs.


9) Take it out and serve it with a dry white wine and a baguette!


10) Enjoy!!


生徒様の声 ユイコさん(Level 2)









This month is  Guy Fawkes Night in the U.K, it is also known as Bonfire Night.


It has been celebrated in different ways since 1605 when a plot to blow up the House of Lords  and assassinate King James the 1st was discovered, and one of the members of the group, known nowadays as Guy Fawkes, was arrested.


On that night, to celebrate the King’s survival, bonfires were lit around London and not long after, the day was designated as a day of thanksgiving. Nowadays we traditionally light bonfires ,either large public ones, or smaller family and friends affairs. An effigy of Guy Fawkes is placed on the bonfire and burned to celebrate the capture and execution of the conspirators and we also set off fireworks.


Over the years the way of celebrating Guy Fawkes night have changed it used to have religious overtones and was a bit of a gruesome celebration, but nowadays it’s just fun for kids mainly, unfortunately for us, and them, the conspirators decided to attempt their assassination in November so their gunpowder got soaked making it impossible to detonate and we have to stand out in the freezing cold to watch the fireworks!


So, if you are ever in a British town around that time of year and don’t mind braving the cold, go and find out where the local bonfire is, you can experience a little bit of one of our more grim traditions.



British English vs American English.

This time I will show you some differences in prepositions.

In the U.K it is at the weekend.
イギリスでは、「週末」は “at the weekend” です。

What do you usually do at the weekends?

In the U.S it’s on.
アメリカでは、”on” を使います。

What do you usually do on the weekends?

For sports teams British people say in..
スポーツのチームには、イギリス人は in と言い・・・

There are 11 players in a football team.

Americans say on..
アメリカ人は on と言い・・・

There are 11 players on a soccer team.

To talk about where a building is located in British English we say in.
建物の場所について話すとき、イギリス英語では in と言います。

His house is in Baker Street.

In American English on is used.
アメリカ英語では、on が使われます。

His house is on Hollywood Boulevard.

When we talk about the a period of time in the U.K we tend to say from..to..
ある期間について話すとき、イギリスでは from..to.. と言う傾向があります。

I was there from Monday to Friday.

It’s quite common to hear through in the U.S
アメリカでは、through を耳にすることが、よくあります。

I was there Monday through Friday.


Fill in a form.
書類に記入する (in)。

But Americans..

Fill out a form.
書類に記入する (out)。

Sometimes the preposition of is omitted in American English.
アメリカ英語では、前置詞 of が時々省略されます。

Wait a moment. I’ll be out the door in 5 minutes.

In the U.K it would be

Wait a moment. I’ll be out of the door in 5 minutes.

Rivers names are usually said like this British English

The River Nile.

In American English it is called

The Nile River.

Got vs gotten.

When using got to mean become in Britain the form doesn’t change for example.
例えば、「〜になる」という意味でgot を使うとき、イギリスでは got のままで、その他の意味で got を使うときと形が変わりません。

His English wasn’t so good at first but it’s got much better.

In the U.S they say gotten instead.
アメリカでは、 got の代わりに gotten と言います。

His English wasn’t so good at first but it’s gotten much better.

You will probably never heat a British person saying gotten.
イギリス人が gotten と言っているのを聞くことは、おそらく決してないでしょう。



American English Spelling and British English Spelling


There are quite a few differences in British and American spelling. In British English the spelling of words absorbed by other languages (Latin or Greek) has in many cases been kept intact while Americans in many cases changed the spelling to better reflect the pronunciation of the word.


Here are three notable differences:


1) Words ending with –our / -or

Most words ending in an unstressed –our in British English end in –or in American English.

UK : Colour/ flavour/ harbour/ labour/ neighbour/ rumour
US: Color/ flavor/ harbor/ labor / neighbor / rumor

1) 語尾 -our と -or

イギリス英語では強勢の置かれない -our で終わる単語が、アメリカ英語では -or で終わることがほとんどです。



2) Words ending with –re / -er

UK spellings favour “-re” endings while American variations favour “-er”

UK : theatre/ centre/ litre/ metre/ calibre
US: theater / center / liter / meter / caliber

2) 語尾 -re と -er

イギリス式綴りでは、語尾を “-re” とするのが好まれるのに対し、アメリカ式綴りでは、”-er” が好まれます。



3) –ise / -ize

American spelling avoids -ise endings in words like prioritise, realize and recognize. British mostly use the –ise ending though the –ize is also used at times.

UK: analyse /organise/ prioritise / realise/ recognise
US: analyze /organize/ prioritize / realize/ recognize

3) -ise と -ize

アメリカ式綴りでは、prioritiseのように、単語の語末を -se とすることが避けられ、realize、recognizeのように綴られます。イギリス英語では、ほとんどの場合 -ise が語末に使われますが、 -ize が使われる場合もたまにあります。




spellbook 04 hd pictures

My 5 favourite books


Another month, another list


I love reading;  I try to read a little every day regardless how busy or tired I may be. I find it soothing, beneficial to my language and to my thinking. I also think it is of great benefit to language acquisition and that’s why I always recommend my students read in English as much as they can.


By the way, did you know that Kensington is building up a library for you and you can take books home and read them? Well you can, if interested please ask us for more details.


Now to get back to my list, my 5 favourite books are:



5) Life and Fate – Vasily Grossman

5) 人生と運命 — ワシーリー・グロスマン

A devastating depiction of Stalin’s Russia. The book covers countless different characters and offers a panoramic view of the Soviet society. I loved it’s realism and even though it was essentially a very dark tale with every act of heroism or kindness eventually crushed by the totalitarian state, it gripped me from start to finish.


A chronicle of the past century’s two evil engines of destruction-Soviet communism and German fascism-the novel is dark yet earns its right to depression. But it depresses in the way that all genuinely great art does-through an unflinching view of the truth, which includes all the awfulness of which human beings are capable and also the splendour to which in crises they can attain. A great book, a masterpiece, Life and Fate is a book only a Russian could write.

—Joseph Epstein, The Wall Street Journal

前世紀における破壊をもたらした、2つの邪悪な原動力 — ソビエト共産主義とドイツファシズム — の年代記であり、陰鬱ではあるものの、その陰鬱さを認められて然るべき小説である。しかし、その陰鬱さをもたらす手法は、本質的に偉大な作品全てがとるものであり — すなわち、真実への断固たる視線であり、真実とは人間が許容しうるだけのひどさのみならず、危機的状況の中で人間が獲得しうる、光り輝く素晴らしさをも全て包含するものである。秀作・名作である『人生と運命』は、ロシア人のみが著しうるものである。

— ジョゼフ・エプスタイン、ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナル


4) Catch 22 – Joseph Heller

4) キャッチ=22 — ジョーゼフ・ヘラー

Brilliantly and hilariously written, with all the humanity and moral strength of a man who understands war, Heller’s novel is a modern classic that is rightly studied in schools throughout the world. 

—about education



It’s also the funniest novel I have ever read. A fierce damnation of the cruelty, selfishness and madness of war but also the only book I remember making me laugh out loud so many times. So many memorable characters in surreal situations, with the main character being one of my favourite fictional characters and whom I came to love so much as to actually consider naming my child after him. Unfortunately his name was Yossarian, I have a daughter and the very idea of it made my wife really really mad.



3) The remains of a day – Kazuo Ishiguro

3) 日の名残り — カズオ・イシグロ

Could one of the most quintessential British novels of our time have been written by a man named Kazuo Ishiguro? Well, it could and it did. Mr. Ishiguro was born in Nagasaki and moved with his family to Britain when he was 5. Is he British, is he Japanese? Who cares? he’s a damn fine writer and he wrote a damn fine book.


Kazuo Ishiguro’s third novel, ”The Remains of the Day,” is a dream of a book: a beguiling comedy of manners that evolves almost magically into a profound and heart-rending study of personality, class and culture.

—New York Times




2) Bring up the bodies – Hilary Mantel

2) 罪人を召し出せ — ヒラリー・マンテル

A book about the Tudors and a period of British history that I have very little interest in. I also happened to know how many of the characters’ stories would end (hint: not very well). However old and retold its subject was, this was one the freshest , most engaging and most marvellously written books I’ve ever read.



1) Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World – Haruki Murakami

1) 世界の終わりとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド — 村上春樹

For last I left my favourite writer. I love Haruki Murakami and I could pick from a number of his books as my favourite but this one was the first of his books that I read and also just happens to be, in my humble opinion, one of his best.  A dreamy surreal book that is filled with strange characters, intelligent ideas  and dry wit.



椛 もみじ 紅葉のフリー写真素材|kis0021-009

Since autumn is my favourite season in Japan(the weather is perfect) I thought I might teach you a few season idioms.


Off season.  ( Not the time for) The opposite is in season.

季節外れ。(~の時季ではない)反対語は in season です。

Off season, a lot of the bars and restaurants close early around here.


In season( the time for)


Strawberries are going cheap! Get them while they’re still in season.


Autumn years.  ( Late in life)



My father doesn’t go out so much now that he’s in his autumn years.


Open season on.  ( To be heavily criticised in the media)


It was open season on the mayor last week due to allegations of money laundering.


生徒様の声 あいちろうさん(Level 1)








生徒様の声 まどかさん(Level 2)







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Jaimie faces the facts.



2003, Masato wins the K-1 world max championships, inspired by this, a much younger and slimmer Jaimie sets out on a course to becoming world champion.


2003年、魔裟斗選手がK-1 WORLD MAXで優勝し、これに触発され、彼よりはるかに若く痩せたジェイミーは、世界チャンピオンへの道を歩み始める。


2004(March) Driven by his dream of becoming champ, Jaimie  joins Real Deal kickboxing gym in Nishijin, Fukuoka.


2004年(3月) チャンピオンになる夢に突き動かされ、ジェイミーは福岡・西新のリアルディール・キックボクシングジムに入る。


2004 ( April) After his first 2 rounds of sparring he realizes that maybe tennis would have been a better option, a week later after recovering the ability to walk, Jaimie once more enters the ring.


2004年(4月) 初めてのスパーリングを2回終えたのち、もしかしたらテニスを選んだ方がよかったかも、と気付く。1週間たち、歩行能力を回復したのち、ジェイミーは再びリングに戻る。


2004.  ( April)
Ouch. How much are tennis rackets anyway?




2004 May.




The reality finally settles in, kickboxing will be a hobby and used to stay in shape,  all hopes of becoming world champ are now shelved. Sparring in the ring is probably enough for me.




I still practice kickboxing whenever I have time, usually once or twice a week. I love the sport and have great respect for those who do it as a profession. It’s a really hard sport that’s for sure and until you get used to it there is a fair amount of pain involved, but it’s a great way to stay in shape and the atmosphere in the gym is to many people’s surprise really gentlemanly. I’ve met some great people at the gym I go to and a few of my past (and present students have come from my gym.)
So if you ever feel like a couple of rounds sparring you can find me at Real Deal gym in Tenjin most Sundays.