Tim’s Blog – ヴァレンタインデー この週末のクラスの重要単語と構文レベル1~3

Hello everyone,

Valentine’s Day was last Tuesday. Did you get a lot of chocolate. I was very lucky to get some delicious chocolate from some of my students and from our lovely Kensington secretaries. Thank you!!

←- Shortbread cookies and two beers from Rina and Aya. Thank you!!

This weekend we are going to talk about Valentine’s Day and I’d like to introduce you some of the important vocabulary and grammar for each level.

Level 1

We will start the level 1 class with:

What do you love to do in the morning? 

Then we will practice the same question with many different time expressions such as

in the evening 夕方に、晩に
at the weekend 週末に
in my free time 暇な時に
on Sundays 日曜日に
on Sunday mornings 日曜日の朝に
in the summer 夏に


Students should ask this question and also try to ask follow up questions.
For example:

What do you love to do in the morning? 
I love to drink coffee and watch the news.
What kind of coffee do you like?
Do you drink coffee every day?

We will also talk about what we did on Valentine’s day and practice expressions for giving. For example:

buy something for someone
I buy chocolate for my co-workers. 職場の人にチョコを買います。
make something for someone
I make chocolate cookies for my friends. 友達にチョコクッキーを作ります。
give something to someone
I give flowers to my girlfriend. 彼女に花をあげます。
get something from someone
I got chocolate from my wife. 奥さんにチョコをもらった。

Level 2

Level 2 will start in the same way as Level 1 but as always students should be able to continue the conversation for much longer.
For the level 2 class we will also introduce some more words that mean “love”

For example
take great pleasure in 大いに楽しむ
greatly enjoy  〜を大いに楽しむ、心ゆくまで楽しむ
be crazy about 〜にいかれている、〜狂であ
be really into  何かにのめりこむ
Then we will talk about how we usually spend Valentine’s Day amongst other things.


Level 3

In the level 3 class we will introduce even more expressions to say love, for example :

take delight in 〜に喜びを感じる、好む
greatly enjoy  〜を大いに楽しむ、心ゆくまで楽しむ
relish 〜を味わう、楽しむ、好む
derive great pleasure from 〜から大きな喜びを得る、大いに楽しむ
be addicted to 〜に病みつきである
get a kick from 〜にスリルを覚える、スカっとする (この場合、kickはドラッグから得る刺激のこと)
have a thing for 〜に特別な感情を抱いている、大好きである
savour 〜を味わい楽しむ
be mad about 〜に熱くなっている、〜狂である
be crazy/nuts/wild about 〜にいかれている、〜狂である
be hooked on 〜の虜になっている、夢中になっている
be into something 何かにのめりこむ

and talk about what we love to do.
Then we will have a general conversation about Valentine’s and White day after which we will talk about how we spend Valentine’s day and how we feel about different romantic activities.
See you in class!!