「as Pale as a Ghost」の意味や使い方を解説【例文つき】

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「as pale as a ghost」という言い回しは、英語の中で時折聞くことがある比較的一般的なイディオムです。


病的な青白さを表す「as Pale as a Ghost」



Oh wow, are you OK? You look as pale as a ghost!

You look like a ghost, are you sick?



恐怖や驚きを表す「as Pale as a Ghost」

「as Pale as a Ghost」は、恐怖を表すときにも使われます。


What happened? You look as pale as a ghost.


You look really pale, like you’ve seen a ghost. Are you alright?



今日は「as Pale as a Ghost」の使い方をご紹介しました。




[English version]

As Pale as a Ghost

A somewhat common idiom in the English language that you might hear from time to time is “As pale as a ghost”. It can be used in a few different ways, so here are some examples as to how it functions.

Ghostly Sickness

When people get sick – especially really sick – their skin tends to lose a lot of its natural color, which is what is described as “pale” in English. There’s also just the general appearance of someone who is very sick; they look tired, may be a little unkempt and generally don’t behave normally.

In these situations, you can say things like:

“Oh wow, are you OK? You look as pale as a ghost!”

“You look like a ghost, are you sick?”

You can modify the idiom slightly to elicit the same meaning, as per above.

Fear and Fright

Another way that the idiom is used is to describe fear in some way. For example, someone could’ve escaped a dangerous situation recently, and when you see them, they look visibly frightened.

“What happened? You look as pale as a ghost.”

Again, you can modify the idiom to describe things differently.

“You look really pale, like you’ve seen a ghost. Are you alright?”

Idioms Take Practice

While the above explains how to use the idiom in question, in reality idioms take a lot of time to use effectively in a conversation as a language learner. These kinds of things can be explained directly, but over time as you use the language actively, you’ll learn how to use it naturally and with nuance.

The best way to learn is to use it even if you make mistakes with it. That’s part of the process!


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