「It Feels Like Home」ってどういう意味?【例文つきで解説】

ケンジントン英会話ブログ:「It Feels Like Home」ってどういう意味?【例文つきで解説】


今日のブログでは、英会話でときどき耳にする「It feels like home」という言葉について具体的に話していきます。
この表現は、カジュアルな会話での「nostalgia (ノスタルジア、郷愁、過去を懐かしむ心)」という感情を特に指しているので、知っておくと便利です。


「it feels like home」の意味

「it feels like home」は、あなたや他の誰かが経験する、懐かしい感覚を表現する言葉です。

ある日、一般的な日本のサービス、匂い、音、スタッフ全員が日本語を話す本物の日本のレストランに行くと、あなたの母国を思い出させ、「feel like home (故郷のように感じる)」でしょう。

例えば、「it tastes just like home (それはまるで故郷の味だ)」のように、あなたの母国や子どもの頃の料理に対する懐かしさを感じさせる何かを味わった時にも使えます。


「it feels like home」を使った例文

ケンジントン英会話ブログ:「It Feels Like Home」ってどういう意味?【例文つきで解説】

「it feels like home」を使った例文をご紹介します。

Oh wow, this restaurant feels like home. It’s so similar!

I went to my friend’s house and they cooked some Japanese dishes. It felt just like home

I set up my room here so it feels just like home back in Japan.


「it feels like home」の類似フレーズと単語

「It feels like home」に似たフレーズと単語には以下のようなものがあります。


I’m very nostalgic when I go there.


reminds me of home

This place reminds me of my home



This music is very homely, and makes me nostalgic.



特にトルココーヒーは素晴らしく、「spring in my step 」(元気) をもらえました。

「spring in my step」についての記事はこちらから→「have a spring in your step」ってどういう意味?バネがある?!- 元気な足取り・元気いっぱい

ケンジントン英会話ブログ:「It Feels Like Home」ってどういう意味?【例文つきで解説】







Today’s blog post will specifically be talking about the term that is sometimes heard in the English language, “It feels like home”. It’s not as commonplace as it used to be as English is a constantly evolving language with new idioms produced year by year, however it may still be heard within certain cultures and is a useful one to know, as it specifically refers to the concept of nostalgia in a casual conversation.

What Does It Mean?

“It feels like home” is a term to describe a nostalgic sensation from an experience that you or someone is having. An example of this would be living in another country, and one day you go to an authentic Japanese restaurant which welcomes you in a typical Japanese service fashion, has similar smells, sounds and the staff all speak Japanese. In this case, you’d be reminded of your home country and thus it would “feel like home”. It can also be used within smaller contexts and with minor shifts in the sentence, such as “it tastes just like home” when you try something that brings about nostalgia for your home country or maybe even cooking from your childhood.

Use Case Examples

Some examples of how to use the phrase are below:

“Oh wow, this restaurant feels like home. It’s so similar!”

“I went to my friend’s house and they cooked some Japanese dishes. It felt just like home”

“I set up my room here so it feels just like home back in Japan.”

Similar Phrases and Words

Some phrases and words that are similar to “It feels like home” include:

  • Nostalgia i.e “I’m very nostalgic when I go there.”
  • “reminds me of home” i.e. “This place reminds me of my home”
  • “Homely” i.e. “This music is very homely, and makes me nostalgic.”

Times When I Felt Nostalgic

A specific time I felt rather nostalgic and felt like I was at home was when I went to a Turkish restaurant in Japan. While I am not Turkish, the food is extremely similar to the food I ate when I was a child, which was of a Serbian variety. The tastes, atmosphere and music all made it feel like home. It was very nostalgic. The Turkish Coffee in particular was wonderful, and put a “spring in my step.”

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