「smell a rat」ってどういう意味?ネズミを嗅ぐ?! – うさんくさいと思う

ケンジントン英会話ブログ:「smell a rat」ってどういう意味?ネズミを嗅ぐ?! - うさんくさいと思う

映画やメディアでたまに耳にするイディオムに「smell a rat」があります。
このブログでは、「smell a rat」の意味と使い方について説明します。

rat (ネズミ) は怪しいものを意味する

「smell a rat」という表現の意味を定義すると、何か怪しい活動があったかもしれない、もしくはあると疑うことを指します。
ここでの「rat (ネズミ)」は、ある人物やその行動を指しています。
つまり、あなたが現在いる状況で何かがおかしいか、何かが違うと信じているとき、あなたは「smell a rat (何か怪しいと感じる、うさんくさいと思う)」というわけです。


「smell a rat」を使った例文


Something’s wrong. I smell a rat.

I smell a rat, as I think something has changed here.

Do you smell a rat? Because there’s something not quite right.



なぜ「rat (ネズミ)」なのでしょうか?









An idiom that you may hear from time to time in film and media is “smell a rat”. It’s not a commonly used idiom in general speech, but it’s a useful one to know and has an amusing meaning behind it. This post will explain what it means and how it’s used.

A Rat is a Suspicious Thing

If we’re to define the meaning of “smell a rat”, it would mean to assume that there is or was some suspicious activity – and the rat is referring to a person and their actions.

In other words, you believe something is wrong or different in the situation you’re in, so you “smell a rat”.

Sounds Suspicious – How do we use it?

When it comes to actually using the phrase, it follows the basic structure of any English sentence, and can be used in several contexts. Here are some basic examples:

“Something’s wrong. I smell a rat.”

“I smell a rat, as I think something has changed here.”

“Do you smell a rat? Because there’s something not quite right.”

In all honesty, it’s an amusing but somewhat limited idiom. It can only really be used within the situation that something is wrong, and it’s not commonly used among native speakers, at least nowadays or in Australia.

But why do you smell rats?

We don’t, but generally, rats do not smell good and are usually seen as “filthy” creatures that carry diseases. Not just this, but rats are also very sneaky, discreet creatures, so them being filthy and sneaky tends to fit the idea of something suspicious or bad happening.

The earliest known use of the term originated sometime in the 16th century, but it was under a different spelling using “ratte” or “ratt”. Either way, hopefully this blog gives you an idea on how to use it, albeit not so common!

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